Giving Back

giving-backHaving been fortunate enough to build her own business from the ground up, Amanda had wanted to give back to her community for some time. She decided to advertise through a Facebook post in the Bayside Community Hub that she wanted to help clients with illness or misfortune, who couldn’t otherwise afford to have cosmetic tattooing.

Losing your hair, such as through Alopecia or Chemotherapy treatment, is a very hard road to travel. Amanda had a wonderful response to her post and was able to connect with a number of women experiencing this hardship. Among them was also a few single mothers who had endured some degree of tragedy in their lives, and simply wanted to feel as beautiful on the outside as they were on the inside. By offering these clients eyebrow and/or eyeliner tattooing at a discounted rate, Amanda was able to restore their confidence, and meet some wonderful people along the way.

The wheels of this ‘giving back’ initiative are now in motion, and Amanda is proud that she has been able to help many women in the community by giving them beautiful eyebrows at a special discount. If you or a loved one has experienced hardship and would like to discuss cosmetic tattooing options with Amanda, please email telling her about your story.

 ‘’I have had such a wonderful experience being able to put smiles on the faces of lovely, deserving people.
What is it all about if we can’t help others along our way?”
– Amanda McGregor