Permanent Makeup Treatments


 Micro hair strokes, feathering ,3D hair strokes, micro etching as I like to call it, all are the most natural-looking eyebrow treatment you can have. Amanda will etch individual hair-like strokes into the skin amongst your natural hairs, simulating a fuller, more defined brow. 

Great eyebrows frame your face, creating an age-defying effect perfect for clients seeking a subtle lift to their features. Whether your brows have been over-plucked or are thinning due to age or illness, this treatment is the perfect way to improve their shape and restore youthfulness to your face.

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Beautifully defined eyes make a huge difference to your face. Whether you've lost your lashes due to illness, have droopy eyelids or wear glasses that are difficult to apply eyeliner around, eyeliner tattooing is the perfect way for you to look your best all day and all night.

Amanda offers a wide range of colours and styles so that she can help every client achieve their ideal look. From dark, dramatic wings to soft, natural lash line enhancement, eyeliner tattooing can keep your eyes looking bright and beautiful, even on those days you haven't had much sleep. 

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Permanent lip colour is ideal for clients wanting fuller lips or that perfect pout. Transform your face with a hint of colour, or be bold and choose a pigment as vibrant as you are. Best of all, lip tattooing takes the pain out of applying lipstick again and again throughout the day. 

In addition to enhancing the shape and fullness of your mouth, semi-permanent lip pigment can be used to correct blemishes and imperfections. Cold sores, scars, sun exposure or irregular pigmentation can all contribute to uneven lips, and lip tattooing provides a simple, lasting solution that's smudge proof, food proof, life proof. 

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