Like with any form of cosmetic procedure, microblading comes with its own mixed bag of misconceptions. And, thanks to our old friend the internet, these myths can escalate to the point where I have clients walking into my office with expectations that are so far from the truth they may as well be booking in to get a face reconstruction.

Here in lies one of the biggest problems with today’s cosmetic beauty industry—confusion. And when it comes to making semi-permanent changes to your skin, like microblading, that’s not something you’re going to want to be lugging with you to your appointment.

That’s where I come in.

I always ensure I give my clients 100% transparency on everything I’m doing. Why? Because my canvas is your face, and other than being flat out negligent, I also wouldn’t be doing my job well if I didn’t explain just how I was going to make those cosmetic changes you need to feel like your best you.

That’s why I’m doing a spring clean on all of the myths surrounding microblading—so you know exactly what to expect when you step into my office.

Myth 1: Tattooing, feathering, 3D brows & microblading are different.

FALSE. They are ALL the same. If you walk into my office asking for eyebrow feathering, you’re going to get your brows tattooed, just like if you walked into my office asking for microfeathering its still tattooing. There seems to be some sort of glamorous mist forming around the brow industry over the last couple of years, with beauticians from all over the country claiming to offer the latest and greatest in cosmetic eyebrow treatments. And surprise surprise—it’s just microblading with a fancy name upgrade.

Myth 2: Microblading is permanent.

FALSE. Unlike traditional tattoos, microblading doesn’t last forever. Technically, eyebrow tattooing is semi-permanent as they lighten naturally over time, lasting up to a couple of years depending on your skin. So, while you’re not making a life commitment when you get microblading, it’s still a decision you shouldn’t take lightly as you’ll be wearing your brows for a number of months yet.

Myth 3: Microblading isn’t tattooing.

FALSE. While it’s often very common for people to be under this misconception, that’s exactly what microblading is. The only reason it’s referred to as microblading and not tattooing is because the instrument is slightly different. We use a tool topped with tiny blades to make micro incisions in your brows which we then fill with semi-permanent pigment. So, if you’re someone who likes to boast a blank canvas, microblading may not be for you…

Myth 4: You have no choice in what your brows look like.

FALSE. Just like with regular tattooing we will discuss what you like and what is possible so we work together. However, it’s important to note that you’re not going to have the same brows as everyone. Yours are unique as everyone has different face shape /bone structure.

If you’re looking for an upfront, no-fluff, honest-to-god cosmetic tattooist that’ll fill you with facts instead of promises of ‘exclusive feathered balayaged brows’, then I can help you out there. I’m in this industry because I listen to people and get to know them, and love making people feel better about themselves. Plain and simple.