I am very grateful to have a wonderful business and great clients over the years so I was thinking how could I give back?

Thinking to myself – Amanda you could tattoo clients, clients in need. Clients that need help, that fit a certain criteria at no cost to them. Give them back eyebrows and or eyeliner that they have lost due to illness after having Chemo therapy treatment or Alopecia. Losing all you hair is a very hard road to travel and many may need help but can’t afford the treatment. I can do something here.

Through a Community Hub on Facebook I posted what I wanted to do and had a wonderful response. Quite a lot of ladies contacted me in regards to helping them, some ladies with hair loss from illness and some from age. I also had a few single mums that just need my help and can’t afford it.

The wheels are in motion now. Over the next few months I will be giving these ladies back their eyebrows that they lost and hopefully brighten their day, week or even year. The next step soon is the group consultation with them all, which will be great.

I will keep you informed and add some photos of the wonderful journey we are embarking on.

This won’t be a once off journey for me, so stay tuned for updates.


Amanda Paige Jones