What is Cosmetic Eyeliner Tattooing?

Eyeliner tattooing utilises a precise digital tattooing needle that deposits pigment into the skin around your eyes. Eyeliner is fundamental to accentuating and enhancing the shape, colour and size of your eyes. As a qualified cosmetic tattooist, Amanda can precisely apply eyeliner that is water-proof, smudge-resistant, and perfectly styled to the colour and thickness of your choice.

The most popular eyeliner style involves pigment implanted between the lashes, and extending beyond them to form a precise line that may end in flick or taper back into the lashes.

While the skin in areas such as the very outer corner of your eyes is too thin to tattoo, a more dramatic winged liner look is still achievable if desired. This thicker, ‘designer’ eyeliner tattoo creates a wider contour that classically thickens at the outer eye before tapering in towards the inner eye.

If you want accentuate your lashes or are just too nervous to commit to an eyeliner tattoo, you might also consider a lash line enhancement. Colour can be strategically placed in between your lashes like dots so they look thicker and fuller at the base.

Whether you’d like some smoky, deep brown definition or a sleek, black wing, Amanda can discuss with you how to achieve your ideal look.

The Procedure

There are three stages for eyeliner tattooing:

  1. Meet Amanda at a Consultation. You can ask any questions you may have and discuss aspects of the style you’re after, such as thickness, colour and whether you’d like a simple look or a slight flick or wedge at the end.
  2. The Initial Tattooing comes next. Amanda will begin by taking some photos while you fill out a medical form, before lying you on the bed so she can apply numbing cream to your closed eyes. After 20-30mins, Amanda will plan and measure out exactly where the tattooing will go, before starting the colour implanting process using a digital cosmetic tattooing machine. You should not feel any discomfort, however Amanda will ask throughout the treatment if you are uncomfortable and more numbing solution will be applied to the required area.
  3. You’ll then come back for a Touch Up. Four to six weeks after your initial tattooing, you may find there are small gaps where the skin hasn’t held the pigment well, or that the colour isn’t quite dark enough. This is completely normal and this appointment allows Amanda to go over and perfect your tattooing, ensuring you get the best result every time.

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